Event Regulations

  1. Rosters
    1. Minimum of eight players per division.
    2. No maximum.
    3. Men’s Elite:
      1. No restrictions.
    4. Women’s Elite:
      1. No restrictions.
    5. Men’s A-League:
      1. No NBL registered players from previous season, regardless of minutes played.
      2. Penalty:
        1. All games forfeited and classification points adjusted.
    6. Replacement players:
      1. Permitted only due to injury.
        1. Injured player cannot return to play in the event.
      2. Tournament controller must be notified of any replacement:
        1. If a replacement player takes the court without notification to the tournament controller team will forfeit game.
      3. Uniform must display the correct team name.
      4. Youth divisions:
        1. Can be from a registered player from another team within an academy or club in the same division or lower division.
          1. Replacement player is removed from existing team roster and added to the new team.
          2. Replacement player cannot play for both teams.
          3. Replacement player can shift from Development Division to Competitive Division but not from Competitive Division to Development Division.
        2. Can be from a non-registered player:
          1. No fee to be paid.
      5. Adult Social Divisions:
        1. No restrictions.
      6. Prize-Money Divisions:
        1. Must be unregistered player who meets the playing criteria of the division.
  2. Youth Development Division
    1. Is based upon the honesty and integrity of coaches.
    2. Cannot field any national representative or A level representative players
    3. If a player or players are suspected to not be a development player, opposing coaches are to register their concern with the tournament controller:
      1. The volume of opposing coaches who identify the same player or players adds weight to the legitimacy of the concern.
      2. If a concern is upheld, the team will forfeit all games that the player has played in to that point and the player is to be removed from the team roster.
      3. If the player or players concerned continue to play, the team will continue to forfeit all games.
    4. Coaches of the suspected player or players will be informed by the tournament controller once a concern is registered.
  3. Youth Development
    1. Zone Defensive systems are prohibited from all 16U and 14U divisions.
    2. Playing multiple divisions:
      1. A promising player can play up in one other team of a higher division, either youth or adult prize money:
        1. For example, Boys’ 18U and Men’s Elite or Boys’ 18U and Men’s A League; Girls’ 14U and Girls’ 16U.
      2. Players are restricted from playing in both development and competitive divisions:
        1. For example, Boys’ 18U Development and Men’s A League; Boys’ 14U Development and Boys’ 16U.
      3. Players must pay and register for both teams and wear the correct team uniform respectively.